Most of the systems sold by CompuByte are custom built to our customers specs.  By talking to our customer and finding out what their needs are, we can propose a custom built solution to meet our customers needs and allow them to upgrade easily in the future.  We only use standard industry components from such manufacturers as: Intel®, Western Digital, Creative Labs, TEAC, and many others. 

We also build a server line for our commercial customers.  All our servers are Intel® based and come standard with an Intel Xeon processor.  Depending on the configuration, our servers may also come with hotswap hard drives, redundant power supplies, and intrusion detection.   All our servers are built with Intel®'s line of server motherboards and cases.   These servers come standard with a 3 year warranty on parts & labor.   Entry servers come with a 1st year on-site warranty, and last two carry-in warranty.  The warranty can be upgraded to a full 3 year on-site warranty.  All other servers come with a standard 3 year on-site warranty. 

We are also partners with, and authorized to carry computers from IBM (Lenovo), HP, and Toshiba.

IBM (Lenovo) - Full line of Thinkpad laptops and ThinkCentre desktops.
Hewlett Packard - Full line of desktops, laptops, and servers.
Toshiba - Full line of Laptops (Protege, Satellite, Qosmio, & Tecra).



We work with you, the customer, to choose which display best meets your needs.  Our most popular brand of displays are from Samsung, but we carry any display that is required by our customers.  We carry CRT, and flat screen monitors from such companies as: Viewsonic, Samsung, Sony, NEC, Acer, Cornerstone, Hewlett Packard, IBM, CTX, and AOC.  We carry LCD and plasma flat screen and TV's as well, from 15in through 60in, and in a variety of colors and mounts.  For really large displays we carry a full line of projectors, from desktop models to ceiling mounts, as well as all accessories, such as lamps and screens.


We are proud to partner with Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Lexmark, and Brother to bring you what we think are the best line of printers on the market.  We can provide a printer solution from a one person shop, to large workgroups needing color in a tabloid size format.  We carry a full line of Dot Matrix, Ink Jet, solid ink, and Laser Printers.  We also carry printers from such companies as Canon, Epson, Panasonic and IBM.